Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to use Non-slip headbands

Here is the tutorial you have been waiting for...sorry it took so long to get this posted.

Step 1: Pull hair back into a clip or ponytail so this process is easier. Once you use the headband a few times you will not need to do this step.

Step 2: With toggle near the end of the ribbon, place the velcro on the hair where you want it on top of the head

Step 3: Push toggle up the ribbons to the nape of the neck

Step 4: Grab each ribbon and pull away from each other to tighten

And you are done!!! You can let your hair down or keep it up!!

If you would like you can pull the ribbons up and tie them around the ponytail like this:

Or you can twist the hair up and tie it like this:

There are so many different hairstyles you can create.
Have fun playing around with it and see what you come up with!!

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